Build A Custom Range Hood

Happy Tuesday everyone! Another fun tutorial I wanted to share with you all is how I built my custom range hood cover in our old house. This was probably the most talked about thing in my home whenever someone new visited. It is definitely the spark of conversation!

Just as I did with the fireplace tutorial, I am going to show you a picture of BEFORE anything was done (i.e. what it looked like before we moved into the house)...#BraceYourselves

I know its a blurry picture (sorry about that it was from the real estate listing-not the best quality). But HOLY ORANGE!!! I know this was the "in" style not too long ago but #OMG everything about this HAD to be changed if I was going to cook in this kitchen and enjoy it!

The couple before us painted the living room and kitchen a really pretty blue color before we moved into the house so which brightened it up some. I painted all the kitchen cabinets with Valspar Cabinet Enamel in white as soon as we moved in, even before we moved any of our belongings in. I knew if I didn't do it right away that it would take me forever to do around all our dishes etc. I will make another post about that later.

So this is what we had to start with: a built in microwave over the range.

Originally I thought about moving the microwave to the island but that didn't happen....another conversation for another post. But the first step was removing the microwave. This is surprisingly simple, there are a couple bolts that hold the microwave in the cabinets above. Loosen those and unplug the plug from the outlet in the upper cabinets and the microwave will come right out.

After you have the microwave out-you now have to add a vent hood because you still need a vent above your stove to suck up steam and have light etc while cooking. You can get a similar vent hood here. I didn't care what it looked like as long as it was recirculating and not too expensive. It goes in the same way the microwave came out. There are easy step by step instructions that come with it. Just bolt it to the underside of the cabinets above and plug into the outlet, test to make sure the light and the vent are working, and you are good to go!

Now that the vent hood is installed comes the fun part! I wanted the range hood cover to cover everything but still be functional. I first added two pieces of 1x4 pine to the sides of the cabinets- using my keg jig to drill pocket holes and 2" pocket hole screws to attach. Make sure you extend them at least 1/2" past the front of the vent hood and make sure both pieces are level with each other.

Next is adding the front piece. Measure the width from outer most sides of each of the pieces you just installed and cut another 1x4 to size. I attached this piece with wood glue and wood screws (you can use brad nails if you don't want to see screws-I like the industrial look).

Next you will need to remove the top molding (if your cabinets go all the way to the ceiling like mine-if your cabinets do not go all the way to the ceiling, you will need to essentially make a box at the top above for the next step I am about to show). I used my Ryobi multi tool to cut the molding, save this molding piece as we will be reattaching it later!

Measure from the left molding to the right. Cut out a piece of 1x4 to size and attach with screws.

NOW the fun part!! I assembled the door face using 1x6's cut to size. I measured from 1/2" from the ceiling to the top of the 1x4 at the bottom to get my height then used the same width as the piece we attached at the ceiling. I used 1x4's to create a square frame around the 1x6's. Using wood glue and brad nails to hold everything together. I added basic hinges to the underside of the top of the face to allow the cover to be opened and have access to the cabinet space behind (no lost space!!)

Here is how it looks so far next to my barn door I built! I will be staining it the same color to match.

I purchased these struts from lowes to hold the door open (but these kept getting jammed so I replaced with these struts instead) in case you need to use both hands to grab something from the storage behind-plus the door is kind of heavy using solid wood! (Yes I know that one little small piece was messed up, I fixed it after I took these pictures LOL) I also cut to size the triangles for either side to fully enclose the cover when it is shut. This was the trickiest part for me was getting the triangles perfect. I attached them using wood glue and brad nails.

Once I attached the handle and made sure everything was working properly, I taped it off with my 3M painters tape to prep for stain! I stained it jacobean by Minwax to match the barn door!

Add the moulding piece back to the top of the cover and touchup any paint that needs touching up to finish off the look (For instance the sides of the moulding will stick out a little as you can see in this photo before I painted it)

And WALA! You now have a completely custom range hood cover with full functionality! After this photo I added subway tile and replaced our countertops with IKEA faux marble countertops which really set off the fresh and clean look!

Tell me what you think in the comments below! Thanks for reading!

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